Toll Free Number Tricks: Custom Hold Music

Toll Free Number Tricks: Custom Hold Music

Local and toll free numbers are all about flexibility – it’s one of the many things that set someone apart from the competition. Instead of a one-size-fits-some solution, we offer a wide array of features, and the availability of open-ended system customization so that you can have your service fit your needs.

One of the more popular and creative areas that our customers like to change is their system’s hold music. Today I’m going to cover two available hold music options and how each can help your business.

Random Hold Music

The Random Hold Music feature is exactly what it may sound like – a random shuffle of several professional, studio-recorded hold music songs falling into one of four genres of your choice: Jazz, Easy Listening, Rock, or House. Each new caller will hear a different song in the same genre you’ve set, and callers on hold for an extended period will rotate through multiple songs instead of listening to the same song on repeat.

Random Hold Music can be targeted to your audience, setting the tone for the rest of the call. For example, rock music can get your callers excited about buying your product or some smooth jazz can soothe the nerves of frustrated callers on hold with your customer support line. Here, listen to some samples.

Personalized Hold Music

Personalized Hold Music gives you total control over this recording. With this feature, you are free to upload your own recorded music at any time as the hold music on your virtual phone system. This is a great way to make sure your hold music always stays current, changing with the season or otherwise swapping out new music regularly.

Many FreedomVoice customers also use Personalized Hold Music to upload a pre-recorded message in place of actual music. This lets you use this recording as a promotional space, telling your customers about your latest deals or other important information of which they may not be aware – like how to follow you on Twitter or fan you on Facebook!

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