Toll Free 800 Numbers: Instant Professional Image

Toll Free 800 Numbers: Instant Professional Image

Whether you’re just starting a new business or looking to expand your growing business, figuring out how to get a toll free number of your own can be a bit of a mystery. But getting your business set up with a toll free number is easier than you might think, and can help you immediately add to your professional image.

Getting an 800 number isn’t like setting up traditional phone service through your local phone company. Here are a few differences that make it easy to get started with a virtual toll free number.

1. No Equipment to Buy

That’s right – virtual toll free numbers are an equipment-free business phone solution. There’s no expensive call switching equipment that will swallow your budget, since all of the features and functionality are hosted from remote by your toll free number service provider. You get a professional auto attendant, multiple voicemail extensions, and can forward calls to your existing phones without any on-site installation or maintenance.

2. No Software to Install

With FreedomVoice, not only is there no equipment to buy, there’s no confusing software to download and install. Your toll free number service is controlled 100% from remote, and you can change your settings and check your messages at any time online through your secure WebLink interface.

3. Instant Number Activation

The best part of getting a toll free number from FreedomVoice? It’s activated instantly! Choose your own 800 toll free number and it will be ready for you to configure and use as soon as you place your order. We’ll help you walk through setting up your service and in a few quick steps you’ll be good to go!

So what are you waiting for? Choose your own 800 number today!

Note: As an exception to the above, vanity toll free number reservations require 1-3 business days to activate from the SMS/800 National Database.

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